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In 1896, prospectors found gold in a creek near Dawson City, triggering a stampede to the Klondike. Bolstered by dreams and heartened by stories of riches, thousands of miners struggled across Chilkoot Pass and floated the Yukon River to Dawson City. Soon a rollicking frontier town, Dawson filled up with desperate prospectors, shrewd entrepreneurs, Mounties and dancehall girls. Today, Dawson City is a lively place bursting with heritage sites and attractions. You’ll feel the grit, heartache and golden dreams of the Klondike Gold Rush when you reach this authentic frontier town.

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From the Yukon River headwaters to the Klondike. Explore Whitehorse and continue north to historic Dawson City. Along the way, visit national historic sites, museums and cultural centres. Peel back the layers on one of the most captivating historic events of our time.

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