7 Days
Getting Started

Come to Whitehorse for the experience of a lifetime mushing your own team of Yukon huskies. There's nothing more exhilarating than wide open trails, frosty breath and wagging tails. Soak in the scenery and bond with your team as you learn about this unique northern activity. Delicious food, great companions and glimpses of the northern lights round out the experience.

Day 1 – Meet Our Four-legged Ambassadors

Arrive in Whitehorse, meet your hosts, and enjoy the short drive to the lodge and kennels. After settling in to your cozy cabin or hotel room, start getting to know the huskies who will quickly become your best friends. Walk around the dog yard, learn their names and discover their personalities. Then relax and enjoy our Yukon hospitality.

Days 2-4 – Dogmushing 101

You'll learn about harnesses, tuglines and brakes and practice commands that your trusting dogs will listen for. Each day you will venture out on new trails to explore Yukon's beautiful winter wilderness. You'll meet accomplished dogmushers and great Yukon characters. And stories will be told. Dogmushing may teach you new things about yourself, too.

Days 5-6 – Into the Wild White Yonder

Some dogsledding tours include a guided overnight journey to a rustic cabin or wall tent in the woods. Savour the camaraderie: it's all about you and your team on the open trail, crossing a sweeping wild landscape. This satisfying experience connects you to nature and reminds you about what matters.

Day 7 – Until We Meet Again

After saying farewell to the dogs, it's time to think about heading home. Celebrate your experience and savour the companionship of your new friends. Go snowshoeing in the woods, or find a quiet spot to read or write. Find a unique souvenir of your Yukon adventure.

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Lodges, Cabins & Hostels

Whether you're looking for a secluded cabin in the woods, or a lively hostel in downtown Whitehorse, you'll find it here. There are plenty of options for modest to grand accommodations in custom cabins and lodges. For a communal atmosphere and a great opportunity to meet fellow travellers, stay in one of our highly regarded hostels.

Don't Forget
Come Again
If you can't get enough of the northern lights , we hope you come back to watch the aurora plus more dogmushing, skiing and festivals. Or if it's time for a summer adventure, come explore our wilderness & wildlife on an extended hike or river journey through the Yukon wilds.
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