Natural Wonders

Tatshenshini-Alsek River System

These two famous rivers merge as one, yet each is celebrated for unique features and distinctive experiences. Together, the Tatshenshini and Alsek deliver the best of northern wildlife, glacier views and diverse ecosystems while passing through a spectacular mountain landscape recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site and the world’s largest international protected area.

Crimson Tundra

North America’s southern deciduous forests can’t match the North’s fall hues—in late August, a parade of colour sweeps southward from the Arctic Ocean, turning Yukon’s tundra into swaths of crimson, orange and gold. Ripe blueberries and cranberries grow close to the ground, and snow often dusts the mountains at this time of year.

Yukon River

Few waterways are woven so tightly into the cultural, social and economic fabric of a people as the Yukon River. The fourth largest river in North America, it drains most of the Yukon and provided historic links between Whitehorse, Carmacks, Dawson City and many other towns and villages.

Aurora Borealis

From September to April, visitors to the Yukon are often treated to the magical sight of undulating neon ribbons in the night sky—the aurora borealis. Streamers of green, magenta and blue light arch and shimmer overhead, and according to some, even make a crackling noise. Northern lights have inspired many myths and legends.

Mount Logan and the St. Elias Icefields

Everything in the Yukon is large, and Mount Logan takes the cake. Canada’s highest mountain (5,959 m / 19,551 ft) and the second tallest peak in North America draws mountaineers from around the world. Mount Logan is named after Sir William Edmond Logan, the founder of the Geological Survey of Canada.

Midnight Sun

Yukon is the land of the midnight sun, where skies are glorious and summer light just won’t quit. Life flourishes under hours of intense sunlight. This Arctic summer phenomenon transforms the land into a northern nursery visited by millions of birds and exploding in wildflower blooms.

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