Yukon’s vibrant, thriving arts scene

We may have more moose than people, but the 35,000 enterprising and creative folks who live here are exceptionally talented. Yukon boasts twice the national average of artists per capita – rest assured there will be plenty of arts and entertainment to soak in when you visit.

Art nourished by the land

Art forms unique to Canadian north

Yukon artists are deeply influenced by where they live. First Nation culture and traditions provide a rich foundation for the arts, and creators from all over the world are drawn to the Yukon’s vibrant artistic community. You’ll find indigenous elements in their work, like qiviuq (fine muskox hair), porcupine quills, antler and mammoth ivory.

Cultural convergence

The Yukon is a melting pot of artistic exploration, experimentation and collaborative creativity. Music, theatre and film are a core part of our culture. We’re famous for our year-round music and cultural festivals, so any season is the right time to immerse yourself in Yukon’s art scene.

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