Aurora Forecast

The best time to visit the Yukon for the dancing aurora borealis tends to be between mid-September and April. The biggest and brightest light shows can often be in the fall season and while tour operators can't guarantee you'll see the northern lights, they will do everything they can to make your visit here memorable.

We love saying "interplanetary magnetism", "solar wind" and "particle density"—this is the language of the aurora borealis. We take our northern lights seriously and have developed the tool below to help predict when you can see this amazing phenomenon. With scientific data collected from the Space Weather Prediction Center, we're able to forecast the aurora every 15 minutes.

Pay particular attention to the activity level bar. The higher the activity level, the higher the probability of northern lights. So if the green aurora band over the Earth is bright and dancing, throw on your boots and jacket, get yourself outside and look up.

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