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Visitor Information Centres

Yukon Visitor Information Centres (VIC’s) are located in Beaver Creek, Carcross, Dawson City, Haines Junction, Watson Lake and Whitehorse. The Whitehorse VIC is open year-round, while the other VIC’s operate seasonally. View a detailed list of VIC hours of operation.

Several other Yukon communities welcome travelers at their local visitor centres; these are located in Carmacks, Faro, Keno City, Mayo, Stewart Crossing, Teslin and Old Crow. These locally-operated visitor centres are generally open from mid-May until mid-September and their hours of operation may vary.

Mobile Phone Service

These days it’s hard to get completely away from it all. Even in the Yukon we have mobile phone coverage in all our communities, though reception is inconsistent between communities. To check if your mobile phone will work here, call your mobile service provider before you leave home. The Yukon's mobile service is CDMA (code division multiple access). Satellite phone networks are accessible across the Yukon and satellite phones can be rented in Whitehorse.

Internet Services

The Yukon is wired—more than you'd expect. Wireless Internet is available at select locations and establishments, and you’ll find that most Yukon communities have easily available Internet access.

Medical Services

All visitors are encouraged to obtain travel insurance before they travel. Check with your insurance company before you leave home, as your regular policy may cover hospital stays and doctor’s visits, but likely does not cover ambulance or medical emergency evacuation flights.

Canadian residents’ health costs are covered by a reciprocal agreement among the provinces and territories. If payment is requested, patients will be reimbursed by their home province. Foreign visitors are asked to pay for services when received. Private insurance policies are not accepted and visitors are advised to check with their insurance companies about coverage and compensation procedures. All visitors are encouraged to obtain travel medical insurance before they leave home. Your regular coverage may cover hospital stays and doctor's visits but likely doesn't cover ambulance or medical emergency evacuation flights.

Medical facilities are available in Whitehorse, Watson Lake and Dawson City while many smaller communities have nursing stations and on-call medical staff. For emergencies, call collect 1-867-667-5555 or in Whitehorse, call 911.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in the Yukon is carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. If you are in the Whitehorse area, dial 911 if you need emergency assistance. When you are outside the Whitehorse area call collect 1-867-667-5555.

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