Need a fishing license? Wonder how to get a wilderness camping permit? Here's the scoop on our Yukon legal requirements to help you plan your Yukon visit:

Wilderness Camping Permits

If you’re planning an overnight trip in any of Yukon’s parks, including Tombstone Territorial Park, you’ll need to register and get a camping permit. Tombstone, in particular, has a limited number of available platforms, so check ahead. For a few popular parks and trails, such as the Chilkoot Trail, the Alsek River in Kluane National Park and the Firth River in Ivvavik National Park, there may be a limit on the size of your group and the dates you can travel. For information about traveling in national parks, call Parks Canada at 1-800-661-0486.

Fishing Licenses

If you plan to fish, you’ll need a license. You can get one at most sporting goods stores and other commercial facilities. A separate national park fishing license is required in Kluane National Park. Visit Environment Yukon for further information about fishing licenses and regulations.

Hunting Licenses

If you’re planning to hunt in the Yukon you will need licenses and permits. If you’re planning to go big game hunting, you must go with a licensed Yukon guide. You can get hunting licenses from Environment Yukon by calling 1-867-667-5221, but be aware there's a waiting period.

Firearm Regulations

Canada has strict gun control laws. Handguns are prohibited and firearms for hunting or sport purposes must be declared at the border. If you have obtained authorization from the Canadian Firearms Centre, you may possess a rifle or shotgun for protection against bears, except in National Parks. If you shoot a bear you must report it, and turn in the skull and hide to a conservation officer. For more information, call the Canadian Firearms Centre at 1-800-731-4000. If you’re arriving by air, check whether your airline will be adding any firearms handling fees.

Licensed Wilderness Tourism Companies

The Yukon has special legislation designed to protect both travelers and the Yukon wilderness. Licensed wilderness operators have to meet strict requirements including public liability insurance coverage and valid First Aid/CPR certification. Operators must at a minimum practice low impact camping and waste disposal. For additional information visit the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon.

Travelling with Kids?

Make sure you have your children’s birth certificates with you. If a child is travelling with just one parent, proof-of-custody papers or a letter of permission from the absent parent are required. Unaccompanied people under 18 should bring a letter of permission from their parent or guardian.

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