Vehicle Insurance and Driver's License

In the Yukon drivers are required by law to carry at least $200,000 third-party liability insurance. You must also have either a driver's license with photo ID or an international driver’s license.

Daily Yukon Road Report

We take our roads seriously in the Yukon—that's why we have a daily Yukon road report to assist our visitors traveling by road.

Drive to the Conditions

Yukon roads are no longer the rugged pioneer routes of legend. All major Yukon highways are paved and well-maintained. Be prepared for potholes, frost heaves, surface break-up and occasional washouts during heavy rain. Accidents are more likely in slippery road conditions during rain or when temperatures hover around the freezing mark. Follow other vehicles at a safe distance and be cautious of other drivers.

Take Your Time

What's the rush? You're on vacation, and the slower you go, the more you'll see. Observe the speed limit and be aware that posted speed limits are for ideal road conditions. Remember to slow down when your view is obscured by a bend, bridge or hill.

One of the joys of driving along Yukon's scenic highways is the wildlife you'll see. Watch for animals at all times and slow down whenever you see any. Other drivers won't mind. People enjoy the opportunity to slow down and watch wildlife in the Yukon.

Know When to Stop

The long hours of daylight in the Yukon can tempt you to put in long days behind the wheel. After all, this is the Yukon, land of the midnight sun. But check the clock, and make sure you get the rest you need to be an alert, safe driver. Driving when you're tired means you're not going to be able to judge speed, distance and traffic conditions as well as you should.

Construction Ahead

To keep the Yukon's extensive network of scenic drives in good condition, crews are often out working on our roads. You'll know when you're approaching a construction zone because we'll put up signs to tell you. We'll ask you to reduce your speed to minimize flying gravel and dust. Be careful not to follow other vehicles too closely, and take extra care if you're towing a vehicle or trailer. Watch for surveyors and flag people working on the road and please obey signs in construction zones.

Buckle Up

It's the law in the Yukon to buckle up. This applies to everyone inside the vehicle, including infants.

Keep Your Lights on

Drive with your headlights on at all times, night and day. It's the law in the Yukon.

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