We hope you will get to know and enjoy the Yukon's wilderness on your visit. Help us support important ecotourism safeguards during your stay.

Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace

We want the Yukon to remain clean and authentic. Whenever you're in the Yukon wilderness, we encourage you to practice the low impact principles of Leave No Trace. Jack London and his companions may have been able to live off the land and build cabins wherever they pleased, but that's not possible any more.

Please be sure to obtain proper licenses for camping, fishing and hunting and follow the regulations that help us all conserve Yukon's natural treasures. Pick up a copy of Into the Yukon Wilderness from any Visitor Information Centre or Environment Yukon office and learn about the Leave No Trace rules for traveling and preserving our unspoiled wilderness. If you’re planning river travel, read up on best environmental practices on Yukon rivers.

Bear Safety: Yours and Theirs

Although bears live in the Yukon, your chances of encountering one are low. Nevertheless, many Yukoners and travelers alike learn how to use bear spray and bring it with them in case they happen upon one of our wild friends. Read up on traveling in bear country and learn how to identify signs of bear activity. Take a first aid course and learn as much as possible about the area in which you'll be traveling.

Following these simple steps will ensure the safety of both you and the bears.

For more information on bear safety, visit the Department of Environment or phone (867) 667-5221 in Whitehorse.

What About Those Pesky Bugs?

While it’s true there are bugs in the Yukon, they’re actually not as bad here as they can be in other parts of Canada. Mosquitoes are around in June, July and August and blackflies usually appear in late August and September. The number of mosquitoes and blackflies tends to increase after rain.

Most Yukon communities have organic control programs to manage insects. When you’re out in the wilds, bugs can be a nuisance in areas such as the tundra and low-lying places without a breeze. It’s best to make sure you always have mosquito repellent with you, just in case.

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