Beyond your dashboard are wide open landscapes. The pavement ahead beckons you. Take a scenic drive through the Yukon's larger than life wilderness. Discover side hikes and trails along the way, and rivers; ripe for roadside fishing, canoeing and birdwatching adventures. Spot Yukon wildlife from your window―moose, grizzlies and ptarmigan. Experience the warm hospitality of Yukoners in local accommodation and campgrounds. From routes such as the Alaska Highway and the Dempster Highway, Yukon scenic drives are everything you’re looking for in a leisurely road tour—an exhilarating combination of beautiful scenery, friendly local communities and memorable attractions. Yukon’s larger than life scenic drives and panoramic parkways are among the world’s top road trips, but without all the traffic. And with so much choice, why go back the way you came? Our seven Yukon scenic drives offer travellers a multitude of options. Each route takes approximately two to five days to complete, depending on your interests and pace. Driving times will vary according to vehicles, road conditions and traveller preferences. Grab your Yukon road map and start your engines.

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