As winter's white blanket of snow melts away in the Yukon spring, a manicured coat of emerald green emerges. Golf carts replace snowmobiles and golfers in the Yukon relish a northern experience that's as unique as Klondike gold.

Golfing in Canada takes on a new dimension when you tee off under the Yukon's midnight sun. Whether playing a rated course with a first-class fairway or a rustic course at the edge of wilderness, round-the-clock sunlight will keep you swinging.

Book golf course tee-off times on your own or let someone else do the work on a Yukon golf vacation package. Grass greens, ponds and streams, and the ability to play before sweeping mountain views, are all guaranteed to invigorate your game. Make sure you don't miss out on après-golf offerings—some Yukon golf courses feature licensed clubhouses, restaurants and fun special events.

Who needs sleep when you can take a scenic drive by day and enjoy golfing at night?

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