If you’re tiring of the usual spa and wellness fare, take a look at what the Yukon has to offer. Here you’ll find the essentials of a rejuvenating getaway—clean air, pure water, wide open spaces and a relaxing pace. You’ll discover so many ways to be active and contemplative in the Yukon. It’s the perfect marriage of nature and well-being.

Wellness is an important part of the Yukon lifestyle. In the Yukon we combine the restorative effects of a retreat with hands-on experiences in nature. We focus on spiritual and physical well-being while remembering that it’s intimately connected with the health of our environment. We’re masters of massage, sauna and meditation, but with exceptional twists—join us for a wild herb walk, a solstice ceremony, or yoga on a mountaintop.

What the Yukon lacks in big-city resorts it more than makes up for with cozy lodges, inns and retreats. Many offer a range of spa and wellness services, so you’ll never feel short of options. Book a facial or a round of golf. Learn to drum. Soak in a wood-fired bathtub with a panoramic mountain view. Savour fresh organics, northern delicacies like wild berries and fish, and cuisine that balances your need for healthy fare with your desire for something a bit extravagant.

Whether you visit a day spa or turn your Yukon vacation into a wilderness retreat, you’ll return home relaxed and invigorated. Hot springs, therapeutic massages and encounters in nature are just a few of the ways we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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