Winter Adventures

Yukon winters bring powder snow, cultural diversions and the magic of the aurora borealis. Come and experience the beauty and warmth of a Yukon winter.

Some of Canada’s best early season winter activities take place in the Yukon. Get a jump on cross-country skiing in November, or meet real Yukon huskies preparing for a winter of dogsledding adventures. You can visit these teams of four-legged athletes anytime of the year, but they’re in their element when the snow is flying.

By December the lifts at Mount Sima and the groomed trails at Mount McIntyre are in full swing, and festive lights twinkle under the hoarfrost. Yukoners embrace the return of daylight at Winter Solstice, and January ushers in a new year of snowy pursuits by snowshoe, snowmobile and ski.

As the days grow longer and the sun creeps higher in the northern sky, Yukon’s wide open valleys and frozen lakes draw people into the wintry landscape. Whether riding behind your own dog team or watching the dancing aurora, these are the months when the Yukon bares its soul. The Yukon Quest kicks off in February, followed by a season’s worth of winter festivals. Yukoners love March, a month known for long sunny days and perfect snow conditions.

What could be more romantic, more exhilarating and more entertaining than a winter getaway to the Yukon? Contact a Yukon tour operator to book your classic Yukon adventure—come to the wild Yukon frontier and experience our cozy lodges and inns, the northern lights, dog sledding with your own team of huskies, and the magic of a northern winter.

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