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When it comes to our Yukon wilderness parks, Yukoners can’t resist a little name-dropping: Kluane, Tombstone, Herschel Island, Chilkoot, Ivvavik, and Fishing Branch. These national and territorial parks in Canada are world-class, and they’ll give you a Yukon vacation in one of the last great wilderness areas in North America.

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Witness calving glaciers, towering mountain vistas and thriving wildlife as the Yukon's vast landscapes spring to life around you. More than 80 percent of the Yukon is classified as wilderness, with wild Yukon rivers running clear and clean, including four Canadian Heritage Rivers.

Diverse wildlife and bird species will be your constant companions—the Yukon is home to the 125,000-strong Porcupine caribou herd, millions of migratory birds and some of the continent’s healthiest populations of grizzly bears and Dall sheep. Whether spotting wildlife from the road, paddling our pristine rivers or learning about northern ecology, you’ll gain a whole new understanding of "wild".

In many of our Yukon national and territorial parks, you will find informative and convenient visitor facilities, scenic campgrounds and well-marked trails, with many local tour operators offering multi-day adventures and daytrips to explore these natural gems in Yukon.

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