If you’re looking for a wildlife vacation, where better than one of the wildest places in the world to see caribou, moose, bears, sheep, birds and hundreds of other northern species? Join a wildlife safari to the Yukon, home to species of international significance including 30 per cent of Canada’s grizzlies, the Porcupine caribou herd and peregrine falcons, and seasonal home to millions of migratory birds.

Whether you’re an ardent birder or a casual wildlife watcher, the Yukon’s flyway comes alive as trumpeter swans, geese, sandhill cranes and other migratory birds travel to and from nesting grounds. Birders converge in the Yukon to search for species including harlequin duck, northern hawk owl, wandering tattler, gyrfalcon and three kinds of ptarmigan.

Let our experienced adventure companies help you plan a guided northern wildlife safari to a Yukon wildlife hotspot or create your own Yukon wildlife tour with a Yukon Wildlife Viewing Guide.

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