Tourism Yukon Brand Guidelines

What is the Marketing Toolkit?

To promote Yukon as a tourist destination, Tourism Yukon is building a powerful and consistent brand both in Canada and abroad. A strong, unique and recognizable brand benefits everyone in the Yukon Tourism industry. Tourism Yukon offers the use of our logo and brand identity and calls it “partner advertising.” Co-branding marketing efforts will help you to quickly and efficiently communicate the broader attributes of Yukon, enabling you to then zero in on your own product offering.

Simply put, this toolkit provides you with an effective and recognizable framework (the Yukon Tourism Brand), within which you can instill your message.

Working together

The more we all present ourselves in the same manner, with the same personality, the more your individual marketing efforts will be recognized. The more momentum the Yukon brand gathers, the more your ads will have stopping power.

Making it easier for you

Those who live in or have visited Yukon understand how its staggering beauty, wide-open spaces and natural phenomena—and the extraordinary experience offered within this landscape—leave a lasting impression. We hope this Yukon Tourism Marketing Toolkit serves as a helpful resource for bringing these attributes to life in your marketing. Journey inside to learn more about how to use everything from our logo to choosing photographs and planning an ad campaign.

We’re here to help

As more brand communications tools are created, they will be added to the toolkit to create a comprehensive set of resources. If you have questions regarding the use of these standards, need interpretation for a specific design situation, or would like to discuss a new marketing initiative, please contact Denny Kobayashi at the Department of Tourism and Culture – Tourism Branch (Tourism Yukon):

Denny Kobayashi / Senior Manager Global Marketing

Tourism Yukon 867-667-8795     


The Yukon Brand

The Yukon Tourism Brand was created to reflect the warmth and beauty of its people, landscapes, culture and history. Our common desire to share these traits with the world underlies our brand message and philosophy.

Our Vision

Compel the world’s adventure challengers, scenic outdoor travellers and cultural explorers to place Yukon on their primary destination list.

Our Mission

Communicate Yukon’s unique attributes—its pristine wilderness, scenic beauty, natural phenomena, wide-open spaces, infrastructure and excellent support network—to create a differentiated and compelling position for Yukon.


Tourism Yukon has recently done a review of our target segments. Our refreshed approach to marketing to both domestic and global markets is developed based on the Canadian Tourism Commission’s Explorer Quotient (EQ) market segmentation. The primary target EQ segments for Tourism Yukon are Authentic Explorer and Cultural Experiencer.

For a detailed description of these two market groups and their preferred experiences, as well as strategies for reaching them, go to Tourism Yukon’s marketing toolkit.    


The use of consistent logo display, type, color and photography will ensure you get the very most out of your association with the Yukon Tourism brand. Click on the guidelines to imbue your communications with the unique visual treatment of our carefully crafted brand.

  • How to use the Logo
  • Photography Checklist
  • Marketing Checklist

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