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Depart from Tok, Alaska for a one-day snowmobile ride to Dawson City. While in Dawson City, enjoy numerous events, including a variety of live entertainment shows, gambling and lots more.

Welcome to North America's most northern international poker run!

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Mar 06, 2014 - Mar 09, 2014

Northern Lights

From Fall to Spring, when darkness comes to Yukon skies, the Northern Lights come out. First you might see a hint of neon colour in the starry sky, then a jagged burst of green, and soon you're transfixed by an ethereal display of shimmering aurora borealis. Depending on auroral activity and cloud conditions, you could spend hours watching with rapt attention as the magical show unfolds overhead. Whether you're fascinated by the science or thrilled by the opportunity to photograph the aurora, the sight of dancing lights in the night sky nourishes all souls.

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