Road Trips to Rival None

With 11 diverse highways and seven scenic drives to explore, Yukon is a road-tripper's dream. Drivers enjoy our well-maintained, open roads with plenty of room to relax and breathe in the crisp Yukon air. In Whitehorse you'll find RV, camper, trailer and vehicle rental agencies, and many Yukon communities have RV service stations.

You'll find plenty of gas stations on most Yukon highways. When you're travelling on secondary roads, check where the next fuel stop is before setting out or carry extra fuel. Most Yukon roads are paved, and if you venture off main routes be prepared for hard-packed gravel roads and varying conditions. Make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical conditionit's all part of your Yukon road trip adventure.

At the end of the day, you'll pull into clean, well-maintained campgrounds in the most spectacular locations often with interesting wildlife viewing and hiking and fishing nearby. Most government campgrounds offer picnic tables, campfire pits, firewood, picnic shelters and outhouses, while private campgrounds offer more deluxe facilities for Yukon vacationers who like to be a little more pampered.

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