Mystery Shopping

October 23, 2012  -  October 26, 2012

Another first for Yukon’s Tourism industry and sponsored by the Tourism Industry Association of Yukon, the Mystery Shopping program is a chance for all industry members to get free advice from Outside travel industry experts.

If you opt-in to the program, an anonymous mystery shopper will ‘shop’ your business. This is opportunity is available for all businesses from hotels, to restaurants, to day-tour operators to wilderness tour providers and everything in between. If you are a tour operator that only offers multi-day tours, you can still be ‘shopped’ but the shoppers will only provide feedback on what they actually experience. For example, the booking process: timeliness, ease, information provided etc. All operators that opt-in will be evaluated within their niche and on a standard form.

A confidential report will be provided by the mystery shopper via email to those who opted-in, prior to the open house. The goal is to provide operators with both positive and constructive feedback from the customer’s point of view. Suggestions provided will focus on what operators can do from small to large scale initiatives to provide the greatest ROI for their businesses.

Domestic Tour Operator

Industry Participation Information

Oct 18, 2012

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Organization: Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon (TIAY)
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