1.  Are you business, market & trade ready?

Download the pdf and find out now!

2. What funding programs are available to start marketing a new business?

The Tourism Co-operative Marketing Fund is designed to assist tourism businesses, First Nations governments, municipalities and organizations to market their Yukon tourism product.

It makes funding available to market-ready or trade-ready businesses, tourism organizations and tourism partnerships. It is a 50/50 cost share program.

Businesses are now eligible for up to $35K / year and DMO's are eligible for $105K / year.

To find out more information about TCMF.

3. How can I list my tourism business on the annual Vacation Planner?

The application for the 2014 Vacation Planner is closed

To list your tourism business in the 2015 Vacation Planner, please contact Jim Kemshed at 867 667 5949 or by email.

4. How can I list my tourism business on www.travelyukon.com?

Tourism business that advertises in the annual Vacation Planner will be eligible for the online business listings.

For new businesses or existing businesses who have missed the print deadline for the current year's Vacation Planner, please email us.

Market & trade ready businesses are required to fill out the forms and make a $125 payment to Yukon Government.

You are responsible to make annual payment and renew your online listings. Please ensure that you have a live website and a working email address.

5. How do I update or change my tourism business listings including removing my account?

You won't be able to with the current system. Please email webmaster for assistance.

6.  How can I upload vacation packages/day trips?

For businesses who have an online listing on www.travelyukon.com, please key in your login information on the Package Management Tool

For new businesses, please contact us to create an account with Tourism Yukon

For more information, please download the Packages Management Tool FAQ and Terms of Use.

7. Help! I forgot my username and/or password?

Username: If you've forgotten your username, key in your authorized email address

Password: If you've forgotten your password, please click Forgot password? to reset your account. 

8. How can I keep up to date with the information services provided on this website?

Please consult the Marketing Calendar. 


9. Who can I contact if my questions are not in this list?

For product and business development, please find us here

For research and statistics, please find us here

For the Marketing Unit, please find us here

For the Photography Unit, please find us here