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Use our maps to navigate your way around the Yukon:


Additional maps you may find helpful:

Driving Directions & Routes

Google Maps gives you accurate driving distances and clear directions. Simply type in your departure and destination locations and the website calculates everything for you.

Google Maps is for reference only. Please use this tool in conjunction with other official maps, such as those listed above. If you have any questions on recommended routes, please contact one of our Travel Counsellors at 1-800-661-0494.

Google Disclaimer:

Google and any third party who makes its software available in conjunction with or through Google Maps disclaim any responsibility for any harm resulting from your use of Google Maps and/or any third party software accessed in conjunction with or through Google Maps.
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Check out the status of the roads before you head out. Current highway conditions are posted online and updated continuously. They inform of road closures, accidents or inclement weather for all Yukon highways.

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