Kluane National Park - Cottonwood trail

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The Kluane National Park is really the pristine wilderness. No campground, no cabin, no hut. we have to cross several cold creeks.
It is possible to hike several days without seeing anybody.

Jul 19 2014 - Aug 31 2014

Chilkoot trail

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Every time I hike the Chilkoot trail, I think about all the dreamers that fought against this inhospitable country. Few found gold but many found inner strength. All lived real adventures. They opened the path for the rest of us.

Jun 1 2014 - Sep 5 2014

Yukon & Alaska - The grand mountains of the North

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A 16 day trip, during which you will drive 3000km in the Yukon and Alaska experiencing the high mountains of Kluane National Park, the great open spaces of central Alaska, the famous Into the Wild bus and Dawson City of the Klondike Gold Rush days.

May 1 2014 - Jul 31 2014

Paddle & Hike , Big Salmon River and Kluane Park

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Are you looking for something more exciting than a float down the Yukon river but don't want to mount an expedition - then you might read on.
14 days of canoeing on the Big Salmon River. Diverse canoeing experience on a smaller river through the boreal forest. A wonderful combination of untouched wilderness, easy to adapt technical paddling and camping. Based at our cabin in Kluane, we explore some of the many trails on day hikes, see glaciers, lakes, and the highest mountains in Canada

Jul 7 2014 - Sep 14 2014

Kluane National Park; the Donjek Glacier

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The views and vistas of the majestic Donjek Glacier are unimaginably impressive, and is definitely worthwhile the effort.
This is a fantastic hike through pristine mountain wilderness is an experience you’ll not soon forget!
If you're looking for a very special backpaking adventure, then get your backpack ready, strap on your hiking boots, charge your camera and join Nature Tours of Yukon for an adventure of a lifetime!

Jul 15 2014 - Aug 23 2014

Yukon and Alaska - From the mountains to the sea

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This 600 km loop, also known as the Golden Circle, takes you to the main places of interest of Southern Yukon and Alaska. Hike in Kluane National Park, experience Haines with its small harbor on the fjord surrounded by mountains and glaciers, watch northern wildlife and visit the historical town of Skagway.

May 31 2014 - Sep 30 2014

Indian Summer - Canoeing and Backpacking

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14 days of canoeing on the Big Salmon River during the peak of the fall colors of Indian Summer. The lower water makes for an interesting paddle. Colorful mountain slopes are the backdrop to a mystic river with many small creeks joining in. Moose and bears can be spotted along the shore. The last week backpacking in Kluane National Park is walk through a colorful alpine landscape. Steep dizzy mountains tower over red, gold and orange alpine meadows.

Aug 25 2014 - Sep 14 2014

Wind River -only 2 spots left

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A spectacular Mountain River with moderate enjoyable whitewater at the base of alpine mountain slopes and open tundra. The ultimate trip for moderate paddling skills. A photographers delight. Stunning views from lofty viewpoints, ever changing sky, let your soul fly. Open tundra allows for spectacular views of rugged mountains and easy access to explore side canyons and ridges. Fantastic hiking opportunities, panoramic camps great wildlife viewing. Paddling " brush up skills day" included

Jul 27 2014 - Aug 10 2014

Sky High 5 Day Hike with the Huskies

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Leave civilization behind and let nature surround you as you hike the unspoiled mountain ridges and wilderness of the beautiful Fish Lake area. Your knowledgeable guide will fill you in on the secrets of the backcountry - and our trusty huskies will lead the way. Hike up mountain ridges, over creeks, alongside mountain lakes and through peaceful valleys. Hearty home cooked meals and lunches on the trail.

Jun 1 2013 - Sep 20 2013

Hiking with Huskies Combination

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Travel through the Yukon wilderness with your pack dog companions. The dogs carry the food and tents for our backpacking adventure. We begin by boating to our wilderness cabins and sled dog kennel. Days 1 - 4 are hiking and backpacking with the dogs. We then spend 3 days at our wilderness cabins, exploring the spectacular Lake Laberge area by foot, boat, and canoe. This 7-day trip is an excellent way to get to know the sled dogs in summer. (4-day version also available.)

Jun 1 2014 - Sep 27 2014
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