By Pack, Paddle, and Paw

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Pack dogs, canoeing, wilderness and history, 11 days.

Begin your wilderness adventure hiking and backpacking with pack dogs for 4 days in the spectacular Lake Laberge area. Enjoy 1 rest day at our wilderness cabins and sled dog kennel before canoeing from Lake Laberge to Carmacks on the Yukon River. The canoe trip is 6 days of paddling and drifting through Yukon wilderness surrounded by the history of the Gold Rush stampeders and the First Nations people who inhabited this area.

Jun 1 2014 - Sep 30 2014

Experience Yukon on foot

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8 days & taxes

Experience the historic Chilkoot Trail and the abandoned cities high in the pass; venture into Kluane National Park for a remote and challenging trek; or, see the jagged Tombstone Mountains just north of Dawson City. Walk through history as you follow in the paths of the Klondike Gold Rush stampeders, our First Nation people, and the caribou, moose, grizzlies and Dall sheep that call this home. Our experts will get you there!

Jun 1 2013 - Sep 30 2013

Chilkoot Trail

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A trek over the Chilkoot Trail is an experience that you’ll not soon forget.
Starting at Dyea, Alaska, you’ll retrace the Klondike Gold Rush route. Feel the exhilaration of climbing to the top of the golden stairs and over the Chilkoot Pass! Amazing landscapes and vistas, bears and eagles; this route will keep amazing you as you try to absorb it all. Don't miss out on a very special adventure. Book today!

Jun 22 2014 - Aug 23 2014

Alaska & Yukon Highlights | Northern experience

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For a complete Northern experience, this camping trip cannot be matched. You’ll hike two national parks, Kluane in Canada and Denali in America, and trek into the Tombstone Mountain area. Beginning in Whitehorse, the tour will make its way to Skagway, the first official Alaskan city, and ferry to nearby Haines, a town nestled on the edge of the ocean. There’s a visit to Dawson, where Diamond Tooth Gertie's can-can girls will prance across the stage.

Jun 1 2014 - Sep 14 2014

Canada’s Patagonia | Trekking Tombstone Mountain

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Discover endless valleys and ascend breathtaking mountains while hiking in one of the best-kept secrets of the North, Tombstone Territorial Park. Tombstone Park is a place where people can step into the natural world and experience the awesome beauty of a northern mountain wilderness. Hikers and photographers are attracted by tundra walking with dramatic views, unusual landforms and craggy peaks. Wildlife viewers are rewarded by the diversity of species.

Aug 10 2014 - Aug 31 2014

Stampeders Route | Trekking Chilkoot Trail

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Looking for a real hiking adventure? The Chilkoot Trail is the original Alaska and Yukon adventure. Not just a trail, but a cultural corridor; the trail that was made famous by legions of gold miners travelling to Dawson City in 1898, had been in use for thousands of years by coastal Tlingit traders travelling to the Yukon interior with goods from the coast to trade with inland tribes. On our Chilkoot Trail hiking tour, you’ll retrace the steps of those native traders and Stampeders.

Jun 29 2014 - Jul 26 2014

The Klondiker | Big Salmon River

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Travelling over 300 kilometres over the course of 15 days / 14 nights, this trip is ideal for the novice canoeist in search of wildlife encounters and spectacular Yukon scenery. The journey begins on aptly named Quiet Lake, winds down the Big Salmon River through the Salmon Mountains to the Yukon River. This trip is one of our favourites, because it offers some of the best scenery and provides many opportunities for wildlife sightings.

Jun 1 2014 - Sep 7 2014

Arctic Day: Hiking Tour | half or full day

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On this tour you’ll get to see some of the most breathtaking views of the Yukon’s landscape and scenery. We’ll hike a well established trail up to a mountain side overlooking one of the most scenic alpine lakes in the Yukon. The panoramic views let you enjoy the vast open space of the Yukon and after a lunch stop we’ll make our way back to town.
Half day tour includes hiking around Miles Canyon. Full day includes hiking at Fish Lake.

Aug 15 2014 - Oct 15 2014

Hiking - Tombstone Mountains.

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+ fees & taxes

This exceptional mountain must be seen at least once in your life.

We propose two packages. The first one is 4 and-a-half days of hiking (with a light backpack) and sightseeing in and around Dawson City.

The second is a 6-day backpacking trip into Tombstone Territorial Park. We frequently see wildlife; black bear, grizzly bear, caribou, Dall Sheep, moose, wolves.

Jun 14 2014 - Sep 21 2014
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