Footsteps of the Klondike: Hiking and Canoeing

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On this 14-day wilderness adventure you will retrace the route of the historic Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, and experience the spell of the Yukon in much the same way as the original stampeders did on “the trail of 98”. This tour is for people who want to challenge themselves physically and be rewarded in a way that only human-powered wilderness travel can.
First on foot you will hike the historic Chilkoot Trail, and then by canoe you will paddle on the mighty Yukon River to Dawson City.

Jun 28 2015 - Sep 13 2015

Big Salmon River

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The Big Salmon River canoe trip is a favorite experience for Yukon visitors who want a Canadian wilderness canoeing experience that won't break the bank. The Big Salmon is a river of varied experiences. You get to canoe across large Yukon lakes, through sections of small intimate river in the upper reaches, through playful faster-flowing sections in the middle, with a little bit of easy whitewater thrown in for excitement.

Jul 4 2015 - Sep 13 2015

Guided Yukon River Tour

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Yukon River - the classic canoe trip for everybody !
Away from civilization we follow the old tracks of the "Gold Seekers" and "Adventures" of the past on their way to the Klondike gold fields. From Whitehorse to Dawson City we pass abondaned settlements, trapper cabins and old paddle wheelers.
We experience the wilderness close by. Camps in untouched nature, stories from the goldrush at the evenning camp fire and with a little bit of luck we might see a grizzly or a moose bull along the shore.

May 25 2015 - Sep 15 2015

Yukon Wildlife Tour

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In spring, when the first warm sunbeams lie down over the meadows, Yukon's wildlife wake up once again. This is the time where the black bears and grizzlies wake up from their long winter sleep. Eager bears start to eat the typical yukon kinnickinnick berries on the meadows and slopes along the Yukon River. Many Moose cows will now give birth to their young on one of the Islands and bald eagle gurads their new born.
The quiet approach from a canoe allows us to view the annimals in their nature.

May 24 2015 - Jun 7 2015

Teslin River Paddle and Fishing

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The Teslin River is a great combination of peaceful river paddling, interesting history, wildlife viewing opportunities and great fishing! This river is suitable for all ability levels, no previous experience necessary. Highlights include old settlements, the merging of two mighty rivers, steamship relics, lots of arctic grayling and very few other paddlers on the river.

Jun 1 2015 - Sep 6 2015

Paddle the Yukon River Into Dawson City

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to simply leave your job, walk down to the docks, jump on to a boat, travel thousands of miles and have an adventure of a lifetime? Join us on a paddle down the Yukon river as we follow in the wake of the Goldrushers who did just that in 1898. Our journey travels over 300km in eight days on the river. Highlights include a lay-over day at historic Fort Selkirk, lots of wildlife spotting opportunities and an extra day in Dawson City.

Jun 15 2015 - Aug 31 2015

Sea to Sky Expeditions

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Sea to Sky Expeditions has been offering quality wilderness experiences since 1988. Our goal is to provide a safe wilderness experience which meets your expectations and stirs within you the same love, caring, and passion for nature and the great outdoors that our guides possess. We know that you will make some new friends along the way and take wonderful memories home.

We offer hiking trips over the historic Chilkoot trail which is rich not only in Klondike goldrush history but beautiful and varied scenery as well.

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Teslin - Yukon River, paddling the goldrush route

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Ever wanted to canoe under the midnight sun ? Canoeing on the Teslin- and Yukon river, where overgrown historic cabins can be found, is one of the most typical Yukon experiences. Just surrounded by nature, it is an easy paddle with a good current. A great place to get away from a busy life. Relax and enjoy the wilderness in a different camp each night. This is not just canoeing. Fishing, wildlife viewing, short hikes and exploring the area along shore make this a very rich adventure.

Jul 2 2015 - Sep 9 2015

Sila Sojourns

Sila specializes in providing quality day and multi-day wilderness experiences, with a focus on natural history interpretation and creative expression, while hiking or paddling, skiing or snowshoeing.

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9 Kokanee Place
Whitehorse, YT
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Canoeing day

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Join us for a day on the mighty Yukon river, from Marsh lake to Schwatka Lake in Whitehorse. A very easy paddle that will take you through Miles Canyon!
($160/pers, min 2 pers)

Or if you would rather paddle a quiet lake, let us guide you on the endless network of Snafu Lakes. After spending the day on the lake, we will take you to visit the small village of Carcross and the world's smallest desert!
($220/pers, min 2 pers)

Transportation, canoe and gear rental and lunch included.

Jun 1 2014 - Aug 20 2015
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