Welcome to Grizzly Country

Welcome to Grizzly Country

Yukon is home to more than a quarter of Canada’s grizzly bears. About 80 per cent of the Yukon is wilderness, compared to a North and Central American average of 40 per cent, making it important grizzly habitat and one of the best places to see a grizzly bear. Many visitors to the Yukon spot bears on the side of the road, while hiking and paddling, or even from the air.

Shorter summers in the North mean that grizzlies must be as efficient as possible in preparing for their long winter hibernation. In the Yukon, grizzlies depend on thick crops of berries and seasonal runs of salmon to fatten up. In an autumn feeding frenzy, a grizzly can eat 200,000 berries in a single day! Bears are important to Yukon First Nations people, as reflected in legends like ‘Why Bear Got a Short Tail’ and in aboriginal art. Grizzly bears face significant challenges in southwestern Canada and the U.S. Rocky Mountain states, where habitat is disappearing and survival rates are low.


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Jun 1 2015 - Sep 30 2015
Jun 12 2015 - Jun 13 2015
Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
Jun 12 2015 - Jun 14 2015
Haines Junction
(867) 633-8481
Jun 12 2015 - Jun 14 2015
DaKu Cultural Centre
Jun 13 2015
Palace Grand Theatre
(867) 667-5121
Jun 18 2015 - Jun 19 2015
(867) 993-2920
Jun 20 2015
Dawson City Golf Course
Jun 20 2015 - Jun 21 2015
Between 7 pm and 7 am
Jun 20 2015
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