Outdoor Activities MICKEY HENRY & PETE SCHMALZ Best Friends
Mickey and Pete were at home in the Yukon and the great outdoors - and their motto “Long hair, don’t care” made them the perfect fit here in the land of laid back!
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Outdoor Activities Explore Now » Natural Wonders #ExploreYukon Paddling/Rafting The teams paddled the iconic Yukon River, but with over 70 world class rivers the exploring has just begun. Check out all the places you can paddle or raft in the Yukon. Outdoor Activities SUKHI ATWAL & JINDER ATWAL Siblings
Sukhi and Jinder felt right at home in the Yukon. Despite a little mud on his forehead Jinder raves about the experience.
Outdoor Activities PIERRE FORGET & MICHEL FORGET Brothers
These intense competitors, Pierre and Michel, found a new level of relaxation in Yukon. No stress…wow, what a transformation!
Outdoor Activities REX HARRINGTON & BOB HOPE Engaged
Rex never did see ice and moose, but he and Bob plan to return to the Yukon. Check out why they think they were in a Sears Portrait Studio!
#ExploreYukon Dog Sledding Don’t worry - we won’t leave you alone to hitch up your team of friendly huskies, but you will get an adrenaline rush! Plan your winter escape under the northern lights. #ExploreYukon Mountain Biking The teams tried out just a small portion of the epic Yukon single track. Are you up for the challenge? It may just be your best mountain biking trip ever!
Outdoor Activities RYAN STEELE & ROB GODDARD Co-workers
Yukon is only 2.5 hours north of Vancouver, but two bartenders had never before experienced the land of the midnight sun – did their bromance survive?
Outdoor Activities NICOLE FOSTER & CORMAC FOSTER Mother and Son
We had to say good bye to Nicole and Cormac, but Cormac got to visit a place he always dreamed of. Hear their final thoughts on the race and the Yukon.
The teammates were the only racers to have been to Yukon before, but they were still enthralled and surprised by what they experienced.
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How to Get Here Get your Free Vacation Planner #ExploreYukon Flight Seeing Want to see what Rex raved about? The mountains and rivers and valleys? Check out the Yukon from the sky! Outdoor Activities Explore Now » Outdoor Activities Get your
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Yukon, the Yukon…whatever it is, Alain and Audrey found a new home in the land of the midnight sun.