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Kusawa Lake

A summer where the sun never sets may sound like a dream, but in the Yukon it’s a reality. Here, you’ll tire out before the sun does.

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Sunbathe at midnight. Hike while the world sleeps. Adventure calls any time.

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The Yukon

is closer than

you think.


What kind of adventurer are you?

What kind of adventurer are you?

Go With the Flow

Rafting here is like a waterpark without the lineups. Storied rivers and white water rapids are guaranteed to deliver more thrills than a 90m-tall roller coaster. And prepare to get wet because let’s face it—that’s part of the fun.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

The Yukon’s epic scale can only be truly appreciated from above. Take a flightseeing tour and view the spectacular peaks of the St. Elias Mountain Range. If weather permits, you can land on a massive icefield to confront the king of these giants—Canada’s highest peak—Mount Logan.

Adventure at Its Peak

If hiking here doesn’t take your breath away, the views certainly will. Hikes in Kluane National Park and Reserve and Tombstone Territorial Park deliver strenuous climbs, but the pictures you’ll take at the top will make National Geographic jealous.

Take the Fast Track

Rent a bike in Carcross and head to Montana Mountain, an internationally-renowned destination for mountain bikers of all abilities. Ride the plateau of Wayne's World or go the distance with Mountain Hero. The trails may sound cool, but you'll feel even cooler racing down them.

Float Your Own Boat

Connect with the land, paddle in hand. There’s nothing quite like the glistening-green current carrying you away while surrounded by the stunning beauty of northern nature. Should you be concerned that a kayak will not fit in your luggage, fear not. You can rent one from a local business.

Off the Beaten Track

Head into the Yukon’s backcountry for the ultimate off-grid adventure. Camping in the backcountry may lack showers and WiFi, but it makes up for it with untapped wilderness and jaw-dropping views.

Gold Rush
A City with a Heart of Gold

Ever since the Klondike gold rush days, Dawson City has been a good-time town. The entertainment continues to this day with lively festivals, cultural events, and unique contests—like gold panning competitions and outhouse races. Yes, you read that correctly.

Dial Up the Horsepower

Journey on horseback into pristine Yukon wilderness. Make your trip more luxurious and book a picnic or steak-dinner ride. There are also multi-day horseback riding trips if you and your stallion really hit it off.

Visit the Adäka Cultural Festival

With over 40 hands-on workshops, performances, and cultural presentations, the Adäka Cultural Festival shines a light on the creative spirit of the Yukon First Nation people. And it is bound to unleash yours, too.

Can-Can Dancing
Just for Kicks

Visit the Yukon’s famous can-can dancers at Canada’s first (and friendliest) gambling hall in Dawson City, Diamond Tooth Gerties. Gerties’ high-kicking “Gold Rush Girls” will have you dancing in your seat all night long.

Sour-toe Cocktail
Toe Way, José

You can’t leave the Yukon without trying the Sourtoe Cocktail at the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City. There’s just one rule to gain admittance to the Sourtoe Cocktail Club: “You can drink it fast. You can drink it slow. But your lips must touch that gnarly toe.”

First Nations
Connect with Culture

Each of the Yukon’s 14 First Nations has a story as old as time. Immerse yourself in their unique traditions at one of the First Nations cultural centres, or connect with the land and its people as you journey through the pathways where these stories began.

Do As the Locals Do

The locals here are a little different than most places. They love to be outdoors, usually travel in packs, and poop wherever they please. Head to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve and hang out with 12+ iconic local species in their own backyard.

Take An Extra-Oar-dinary Trip

Exploring the Yukon from the water is an unbeatable experience. Paddle down the Yukon River (which runs right through Whitehorse) for an easy-going journey complete with views of majestic mountains and unspoiled wilderness.

This Is How We Roll

Take a side trip aboard the White Pass and Yukon Route railway from Carcross. Travel down the shores of beautiful Lake Bennett to the abandoned townsite of Bennett, BC along the famed Chilkoot Trail. Between history and gorgeous scenery, you don’t have to choo-choose.

Rev Up Your RV

Post up at one of the Yukon’s scenic camping spots in your own RV, or rent one when you arrive. There’s no need to reserve ahead: sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Free firewood is even included with your stay, so there’s no excuse not to make s’mores.

Gold Rush
Find A Nugget of History

Head to Dredge No. 4 National Historic Site and marvel at this 8-storey, gravel-eating monster before panning for gold at Free Claim #6 where you can take home whatever you find. The chances of hitting it big are small—but never zero.

Summer welcomes the Midnight Sun

Where the sun never sleeps.

In the summer months, the Yukon sun doesn’t have a curfew. Days spent exploring effortlessly extend into the early hours of the morning. Nights full of dancing and live music continue on. And on. Because when the sun doesn’t sleep, you won’t want to either.

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“Culture, nature, and art meet together.”


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“The Yukon is where you meet the many faces of Mother Nature.”


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“One of the most incredible places I have ever been to. The pristine environment, spectacular scenery and amazing First Nations communities.”



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