Thaw-Di-Gras Spring Carnival

The Thaw di Gras is Dawson City’s very own spring carnival. Held in mid-March, locals shake off the dark days of winter and come out to compete in events such as a chainsaw toss and a tug of war, a one-dog pull and even a tea boiling contest.
Join in and help us welcome in the spring.

Mar 14, 2014 - Mar 16, 2014

Heritage & Culture

Canada's Yukon may be home to twice as many moose than people, but the 35,000 enterprising and creative folks who live here are exceptionally talented. Yukoners celebrate a varied history and a dynamic arts culture, and our vast northern landscapes figure prominently in art and stories. The culture of Yukon's First Nations people evolved over millennia into the rich tapestry of dialects, arts, crafts, cuisines, and practices that we still enjoy today. From festivals to galleries to dozens of museums, historic sites, and interpretive and cultural centres, Yukon's story is brought to life for visitors in so many ways.

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