Terre Boréale

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Based out of Whitehorse and run by two french people whom graduated with a conservation biology degree, Terre Boréale offers canoe trips, hiking trips and discovery tours in Yukon and Alaska in both French and English. Besides discovering the breath taking landscapes and colours of the North, our background allows us to provide an experience as close to the wilderness as possible through its observation, understanding and preservation.

Because we want all our customers to have a unique experience we limit our group size to 6 customers per trip. This group size also allows us to travel the wilderness with high chances of viewing wildlife without disturbing it.

Every one has different travel expectations, therefore Terre Boréale offers customized trips in Yukon and Alaska in all seasons.

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706 Strickland street
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2k8
Phone: (867) 335-6712
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(867) 335-6712
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