Yukon Wide Adventures

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We provide year around wilderness outdoor activities. Our services include the planning of individual tours, canoe/kayak- and equipment rentals, all transportations, motorhome and camper rentals as well as accommodation in our Log Cabin.

We offer professional canoe, hiking, wildlife and custom-made guided tours Yukon-wide. Next to our year around guided tours we offer a variety of typical Yukon winter activities to give you an experience that last a lifetime. We create your Yukon Adventure !

We rent canoes/kayaks/ATV's, all camping gear, satellite phones, waterproof bags and barrels, complete camping kitchen sets and all other equipment needed for your tour. Ground and fly-in transportation.

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23A Springer Road
Box 20036
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 7A2
Phone: (867) 393-2111
Fax: (867) 393-2111
Phone Number: 
(867) 393-2111
Fax Number: 
(867) 393-2111
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