Thousands of kilometres of trails and
mining roads offer outstanding riding and
hiking all over the Yukon. Recently
discovered to be a top mountain biking
destination in North America, Whitehorse
is surrounded by a network of forest trails.
Drawn by classic routes like Tombstone or
the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site,
hikers get addicted to Yukon’s abundant
hiking opportunities. The Ogilvie
Mountains beckon with gentle green flanks
and craggy black peaks. The glacially
carved Wernecke Mountains offer
countless routes along open ridges.
Kluane’s broad valleys sweep into tawny
slopes and jagged pinnacles cloaked in ice.
Reaching for New Highs
Under the watch of a 24-hour sun, in
the Yukon you’ll have the adventure of a
lifetime. Yukon hosts some stellar races,
often attracting thousands of competitors.
Run through the mountains in the
Klondike Trail of ‘98 International Road
Relay, take part in the 24 Hours of Light
Mountain Bike Festival, or paddle in the
Yukon River Quest Canoe and Kayak Race.
Check the Calendar of Events on pages
16–17 and reach for new personal highs
and explore new geographical frontiers.
From intimate alpine streams to mighty
continental waterways, Yukon’s rivers
come in all sizes. What sets them apart?
Yukon has dozens of canoeable mountain
rivers, and world-class rafting and
kayaking routes. Our waters are pristine,
the scenery is unmatched, and our
mountain landscapes are still wild. Most
notable, our river guides are the best in
the world! Enjoy a peaceful day on the
water, learn new skills and restore your
soul. Experience life on the edge, and
venture to places few people see.
Walk Softly
In the gold rush era, environmental
conservation as we know it likely wasn’t
a concern for most. Times have changed
considerably since the days of the
stampede. We want the Yukon to remain
pure, authentic and natural. In all
wilderness activities we encourage
low-impact principles of Leave No Trace.
Obtain proper fishing or hunting licences
and camping permits, and follow the
regulations that help conserve Yukon’s
With its abundant wildlife, clean water
and vast intact wilderness, Yukon is the
ultimate eco-destination. Yukoners have
a strong conservation ethic, and many
of the territory’s special wild places are
protected within three national parks,
four territorial parks, four Canadian
Heritage Rivers and other special
management areas. Taking care of Yukon’s
pristine environment is an important
aspect of sustaining our most memorable
visitor experiences into the future.
Watching wildlife is often
the highlight of a trip to
the Yukon. With twice as
many moose as people, the
Yukon is truly wild! Yukon
is home to many plants and
animals not easily seen in
southern Canada. Nature
lovers delight in arctic and alpine flowers,
butterflies, mountain goats, Dall’s and
Fannin sheep. Grizzly bears, caribou, elk,
bison, Peregrine falcons and millions of
migratory birds also call the territory home.
As you plan your Yukon vacation, use the
Yukon Wildlife Viewing Guide
to help
prepare for the trip.
Kluane Lake under the midnight sun –
YG, R. Wheater
Staying on paths helps protect the wild­—and you –
YG, D. Crowe
Running the Klondike Road Relay –
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