A Yukon Classic
Start your northern tour in Watson Lake,
Gateway to the Yukon, and learn the
fascinating story of how the Alaska
Highway was built. The scenic lakeside
community of Teslin is the home of the
Inland Tlingit, renowned for talented
artists who continue to nurture a Yukon
carving tradition. Yukon’s capital,
Whitehorse, is a natural base for a
Alaska Highway
Yukon visit—settle in and enjoy the city’s
attractions and amenities. The picturesque
mountain village of Haines Junction greets
visitors to Kluane National Park and
Reserve. Continuing north, the Alaska
Highway parallels the park’s majestic front
ranges to Destruction Bay, Burwash
Landing and beyond to Beaver Creek.
The Alaska Highway skirts along the Kluane National Park and Reserve’s dramatic front ranges
– YG, R. Wheater
Enjoying a break at a Whitehorse café
– YG, D. Crowe
Destruction Bay
Burwash Landing
Tok, AK
Marsh Lake
Drive the historic Alaska Highway,
the famous northern route that winds
through eight Yukon communities, a
national park, major attractions and
Yukon’s capital city, Whitehorse.
Regions on this Route
Watson Lake, p.30
Southern Lakes, p.36
Whitehorse, p.44
Kluane, p.62
The historic Alaska Highway crosses into
the Yukon through Watson Lake, near the
British Columbia border, and exits near
Beaver Creek at the Alaska border.
892 km (one-way)
Time recommended:
5 nights
Alaska Highway history, First
Nations cultures, Whitehorse attractions,
Kluane National Park and Reserve
Camping, wildlife viewing,
fishing, hiking, walking tours, shopping,
flightseeing, visiting cultural and heritage
Trip Planning
Places to visit:
Watson Lake, Teslin,
Marsh Lake, Whitehorse, Haines Junction,
Destruction Bay, Burwash Landing,
Beaver Creek
Distances and approximate driving times:
• Watson Lake to Whitehorse:
436 km (5 hrs)
• Whitehorse to Haines Junction:
158 km (2 hrs)
• Haines Junction to Beaver Creek:
298 km (3.5 hrs)
Highways travelled:
Alaska Highway #1
Local Attractions
• Sign Post Forest
• Northern Lights Centre
• George Johnston Museum
• Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
• Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre
• Yukon Transportation Museum
• MacBride Museum of Yukon History
• S.S.
National Historic Site
• Kluane National Park and Reserve
• Kluane Museum of Natural History
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