Road Less Travelled
Come for fishing, camping and other quiet
diversions, and consider the Robert
Campbell Highway as your alternate route
to or from the Klondike. This gravel road
through an untouched wild landscape
delivers a true northern driving
experience. On your journey you’ll visit
Ross River, a Kaska Dena First Nation
community near the junction of the Robert
Campbell Highway and Canol Road,
Traversing one of the Yukon’s least-
populated regions, the Campbell/Canol
wilderness route offers a quiet, more
remote experience with rewarding
fishing and wildlife viewing.
Campbell /
Canol Route
and Faro, a former hardrock mining town
that has reinvented itself for retirees,
artists, families and visitors who seek rural
and wilderness experiences. Although both
the Canol Road #6 and Robert Campbell
Highway #4 are maintained in the summer,
motorhomes are not recommended on Hwy
#6 and all travellers should be well prepared.
A single-lane bridge on the Robert Campbell Highway spans the Lapie River Canyon
– YG
Ross River
Johnsons Crossing
Marsh Lake
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Regions on this Route
Watson Lake, p.30
Southern Lakes, p.36
Whitehorse, p.44
Campbell, p.70
Klondike, p.82
The Robert Campbell Highway and Canol
Road criss-cross pristine Yukon wilderness
northeast of Whitehorse.
500 to 1,000 km
Time recommended:
Minimum 2 nights
Quiet, Little Salmon and Frances
lakes, Pelly River, Fannin sheep, Canol Road
Fishing and boating in roadside
lakes, golfing and hiking around Faro,
interpretive tours, camping, wildlife
viewing, canoeing the Big Salmon River
Gyò Cho Chú
Trip Planning
Places to visit:
Carmacks, Faro, Ross River,
Watson Lake, Teslin, Johnsons Crossing,
Marsh Lake, Whitehorse
Distances and approximate driving times:
• Watson Lake to Carmacks via Ross River:
583 km (12 hrs)
• Johnsons Crossing to Ross River:
225 km (5 hrs)
Highways travelled:
Robert Campbell Highway #4,
South Canol Road #6, Alaska Highway #1,
and North Klondike Highway #2
Local Attractions
• Campbell Region Interpretive Centre
• Mount Mye Sheep Centre
• Fisheye Lake
• Quiet Lake
• Canol Footbridge
• Dena Cho Trail
• Lapie Canyon
• Rose Lake (
L’ex Hîni Shâk Âyi
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