Southern Lakes
Explore a network of deep blue lakes
backed by coastal mountains and
villages filled with artists, attractions
and unforgettable history, all just a
short drive from Whitehorse.
Maze of Waterways
Come play in the waterways of the
Southern Lakes. This interconnected
system of glacier-fed lakes forms the
headwaters of the Yukon River. The
Southern Lakes Circuit is comprised
of four scenic highways joining the
waterfront communities of Whitehorse,
Mount Lorne, Carcross, Tagish, Marsh
Lake, Teslin and Atlin. Enjoy aquamarine
lakes, hikeable peaks, beaches and
Strolling the historic shores of Tagish Lake –
YG, P. Mather
White Pass
Yukon Route railway bridge, Carcross –
Regions on this Route
Southern Lakes, p.36
Whitehorse, p.44
Scenic lakeside roads wind from Whitehorse
among six friendly Yukon communities and
six enchanting southern lakes.
500 km
Time recommended:
3 nights
Klondike Gold Rush history,
Chilkoot Trail, Tagish and Tlingit cultures,
Southern Lakes
Fishing, boating and paddling on
the Southern Lakes, hiking White and
Montana mountains, Carcross and Teslin
walking tours, visiting artists’ studios
Trip Planning
Places to visit:
Mount Lorne, Carcross,
Tagish, Marsh Lake, Teslin, Atlin, Whitehorse
Distances and approximate driving times:
• Whitehorse to Carcross: 74 km (1 hr)
• Whitehorse to Atlin: 182 km (2.5 hrs)
• Whitehorse to Teslin: 176 km (2 hrs)
• Carcross to Jakes Corner: 54 km (1 hr)
Highways travelled:
South Klondike Highway #2,
Alaska Highway #1, Tagish Road #8
and Atlin Road #7
Local Attractions
• Carcross historic buildings
• White Pass
& Y
ukon Route railroad
• George Johnston Museum
Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
• Atlin Museum
• Atlin Provincial Park and Recreation Area
panoramic views, and delight in finding
out-of-the-way inns, B&Bs and artist
studios. Discover First Nations culture
and heritage in Carcross and Teslin, and
the beautiful Southern Lakes that beckon
for boating and paddling excursions.
Please ensure you are well prepared:
these large lakes are cold and the
weather can be unpredictable.
Atlin, BC
Marsh Lake
Mount Lorne
Johnsons Crossing
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