The Yukon—where summer nights shine
and winter skies dance with light
Have you ever felt that surge of energy you get from endless
evenings? The desire to head outdoors at midnight for a walk,
go fishing or golfing—just because you can? It’s yours to discover,
all across the Yukon, all summer long. And when summer is over
and the nights return, you’ll want to head outdoors into the dark
for a different reason. As you watch, a flicker of green light hints
at what’s to come, and soon the night sky is draped in the
dazzling colours and undulating ribbons of light that mark
aurora borealis
The further north you travel, the longer the season of the midnight sun. On summer
solstice, June 21, the sun doesn’t set anywhere north of the Arctic Circle –
P. Mantle
Northern lights are formed by gases in the upper atmosphere reacting to charged solar wind particles
that form rings around the polar regions by the earth’s magnetic field
– YG, S. Wackerhagen
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