Building Your Experience
Wilderness and Fishing
Before you start your Yukon journey,
familiarize yourself with any rules or
permits that may apply. When adventure
calls and you are planning a wilderness
trip, be sure to confirm your operator is
licensed—all wilderness tour operators
must have a Yukon Wilderness
Tourism Licence.
The Yukon is a dream for fishing
enthusiasts—fishing licences are available
at most sporting goods stores, gas stations,
other commercial outlets and Environment
Yukon offices. A separate National Park
fishing licence is required in Kluane
National Park and Reserve.
Create Your
On these pages you’ll find businesses
that can deliver the Yukon experience
you’ve been dreaming about. The
Yukon is remarkable in any season.
Whenever you roam our vast territory
—whether canoeing, hiking,
snowmobiling or biking—you’re going
to get the most out of your Yukon
experience. Of course, you could just
kick back and relax, because the
Yukon is perfect for that, too. No
matter what your pleasure, enduring
memories will mean that you take a
bit of the Yukon wherever you go.
Taking in the view after a full day of outdoor adventure –
YG, D.Crowe
Guided hunting trips
– YG, C. Archbould
World-class birdwatching
– YG, D. Crowe
The Yukon offers a remote hunting
experience in large wilderness regions.
The territory has 19 exclusive hunting
concessions offering 12 big game species.
Non-resident hunters require big game
permits and must be guided by a licensed
hunting guide—check with an outfitter to
make sure all your needs are addressed in
advance of your journey.
For more information about hunting in
the Yukon, contact:
Yukon Outfitters’ Association
B4, 302 Steele Street
Whitehorse Y1A 2C5 Canada
Tel: (867) 668-4118
Fax: (867) 668-4120
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